"After my order, the first ECG and subsequent results confirmed the fact of fibrillation."

 In the summer of 2011, I had my heart rhythm problems for the first time during a complete home renovation. At the time, I attributed all this to the increased stress, but since he returned later, I began to suspect. Over time, my previous symptoms appeared 2-3 times a year, which over time became stronger and longer lasting. I also reported all this to my doctor, but since my rhythm problems settled down after a short time, it was no longer possible to make a diagnosis. Based on the complaints I have described, I suspect atrial fibrillation, which has not been detected for several years. I read in a newspaper article about the WIWE device, which I thought might be helpful as described. After my order, the first ECG and further results confirmed the fact of fibrillation. However, it was a real help when orders were suspended due to the COVID epidemic and my doctor also moved out of town. However, you gave me the contact information to which I had the opportunity to send the result if I experienced a significant discrepancy. We consulted over the phone and modified the medications until I had the opportunity to tell and show my previous results on an order, which was a great help to the doctor for the rest.   In my experience, I also bought another device for my daughter, who is young but sometimes has chest pains due to her stressful lifestyle. Thinking that my arrhythmia might be inherited, I thought it good to go ahead of things and have the little miracle that has been proven to me many times. A conversation recently revealed that my conversation partner and I are having atrial fibrillation. I showed him the WIWE device he hadn’t heard of before, he didn’t know it existed. He tried it and seeing the results, he made his decision right away. The next day he ordered it for himself and his brother, who had undergone ablation surgery at the time.   They both use the device regularly and find it reassuring to have a device in their hand to help them monitor their daily condition. In my experience, I can only recommend it to anyone who has the slightest suspicion of having a heart problem. In the event of a problem, based on the ECG result generated by the device, the doctor also has a better chance of making a diagnosis. I find it amazing what this tiny device is capable of.   PROTECT, PROTECT, HELP, BUT MAINLY MEANS SAFETY.   Thank you for your work and congratulations on their results.   Ildikó Lénárt