"All in all, I can say that the device saved me from a heart attack, which was also confirmed by the cardiologist!"

Dear Wiwe team!

I’m happy to share my own story because, I can inspire someone else to use the device. Several relatives in my father’s line struggled with cardiovascular problems, and these diseases also played a major role in their deaths, so I was seriously considering a possible inheritance.
I have played sports all my life, I have never smoked and I only drink alcohol occasionally. I have rarely been ill and I also go for screenings regularly, my lab results did not show any values ​​in the past that would have suggested a problem with my heart or blood vessels.

My heart rate complaints first appeared 4-5 years ago. At my workplace, I was able to choose a health package that allowed for multiple examinations. As part of this, I requested a cardiological examination that found magnesium deficiency and recommended replacement of the drug. The complaints were alleviated but did not disappear completely. The doctor told me to learn to live with it, and it will be necessary to do a heart ultrasound every year. I continued to exercise regularly (4-5 times a week) where I never felt a heart problem.

I had been reading about WIWE on the internet for quite a few years now and I had already decided that I would get it too. The goal was to test on our own and on the other hand family members so that we could detect problems with it at an early age. Since my arrhythmias came up again 2 years ago, I bought the Wiwe device. Already on the first use, a value of "yellowed" 1-2, so I checked in with the GP, who referred me further to the cardiologist. Luckily, I didn’t have to really explain what this device was because he also used it in diagnostic work. He immediately tested it with his own, where he measured the same. Sent for several examinations, which revealed that I have a very serious stenosis in one of the coronary arteries! He soon made an appointment for a catheter examination, where three stents had to be inserted into the problematic vessel. I've been at control check ever since, all right.

All in all, I can say that the device saved me from a heart attack, which was also confirmed by the cardiologist! Since I was able to live with the arrhythmia, I wouldn’t necessarily have gone for a new test if the device didn’t indicate the problem.


Thank you for reading my story and thank you for your work.

P.S. : Everyone in the family has “green” values, so I hope my two sons no longer inherit family heart problems.


Best regards,

Zoltán Gerner


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