"For an ECG scan, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have left myself for a few years if the WIWE device result didn't justify it."

 Me and WIWE    I am Dora F. and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to try the WIWE device earlier. We can say — a little theatrically — that it saved my life.  I first heard about the WIWE device at a conference hosted by HVG as part of a lecture. I would have had the opportunity to try the device at the event, but unfortunately I missed it then. The presentation made a deep impression, the device was very sympathetic and the possibilities inherent in it, which I believe not only as an individual but also as an employer, could be of great interest.  Even during the event, I was able to personally exchange a few words about the device, the company and the cooperation opportunities with the representative of myWIWE Diagnosztika Kft. It was then that I learned that there is a way for potential company partners to visit the company’s employees to give a device demonstration and for employees to try it out as well. It immediately hit an angle in my head, and in March of this year, I was able to seize the opportunity and invite the myWIWE team to give a presentation at my previous workplace to our colleagues. I organized a health week for our central employees and the WIWE testing option, which many of our employees used, fit in very well with the developed concept.


 That’s when I managed to try the device too, which was a positive experience: fast, simple, to the point. A colleague from WIWE presented the results of the measurement in a short analysis: it was informative, interesting and concise. It indicated that the device had detected a problem and that there was a suspicion of ventricular conduction disturbance that would be worth investigating. I later approached a cardiologist to seek expert advice and thoroughly follow up on the problem. With the WIWE result received in the email, I had a starting point in my hand, but after the consultation, blood sampling, cardiac ultrasound, ECG, HOLTER 24-hour ECG examinations followed. It turned out that my cholesterol was high, I really have a conduction disorder - which usually occurs in a higher heart rate range - and I also have a smaller degree of heart rhythm disorder. Since we have found that my heart rate is basically higher, this can cause problems almost continuously during active periods (i.e. during wakefulness). In the last 10 years (after the cessation of the active, sporty lifestyle), I have gained a significant excess, which has led to the development of my other health complaints. So far, I have postponed it to take these issues more seriously and to pay more attention to my health. However, the fact that before I was 30 I had to face the fact that I had a cardiological problem (plus several at the same time) struck me very heartily. The turning point was when my cardiologist showed me a table for cardiovascular risk assessment.   I can’t describe exactly the table or the conclusion, but the point is that this table estimated the likelihood of when I can expect a more chance of more serious cardiovascular problems, taking into account several risk-increasing factors. (Such factors included higher age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, etc.) As we analyzed the table, the results of my studies, and the predictable future according to my current condition / lifestyle, my long-term prospects were frightening. I think it took that slap to make me think a little bit.


 After the investigation, we can say that I really started a lifestyle change. I have started switching to a diet that is healthier and helps keep my cholesterol levels under control, in addition to helping with my other health problems. In the summer, I took part in a challenge where I ate at least one bowl of vegetables or fruits every day. I couldn’t get myself into something like that before, even though I love these foods. Since then, for the first time in my life, I have embarked on a serious, consistent pursuit of a diet that has, for the first time in years, started to crawl down on the pounds instead of coming up. After 4 weeks of strict diet, I rested a bit for 2 weeks; but I’ve been back to this diet again and I feel the strength to continue and get rid of even more pounds. I feel better, I’ve started moving again and I’m already smoking less. It feels good to know that I’m doing good to my body, my heart, and that I’m living healthier.  The fact that I have incorporated these changes into my daily lives, I believe, has a great impact on my life and that they will greatly improve my current quality of life and my future health as well. And all this can be traced back to the WIWE device test. For an ECG examination, it is quite certain that I would not have left myself for a few years if the result of the WIWE device did not justify it. Because of this, it could not have been revealed for years that I had a heart problem and that the handling of my other complaints resp. I would have postponed the lifestyle change and weight loss that was justified in this connection. My cardiologist is in constant consultation and on the last control study my values ​​were already better, which is also due to the medicine I started taking as part of the treatment. I will return to the next control test now in November, I hope both my blood count and ECG values ​​will be much better.  Thanks again to WIWE for helping me take better care of my heart and health!