"I bless my mind that I bought the device at the time."

Me and WIWE.

I'm past 71 years. I have been treated for high blood pressure for a long time. My cardiologist recommended the WIWE device, which I have been using for over two years. In 2018, I managed to see the post-cave cave on my boot list. By the end of the hike the water had spilled out of my body and I felt tired. The next day we went on to the island of Krk. Here, too, were the symptoms. Fortunately, I took the WIWE device with me. Deterrent results came. Among other things, it is a serious arrhythmia that has not occurred before. I emailed the cardiologist the results of the repeated measurements. Based on this, He suggested professional intervention as soon as possible. Freedom interrupted. Pushing to get home okay with the car. Finally, medication managed to roughly normalize the situation. I have been checking myself regularly with WIWE ever since. I bless my mind that I bought the device at the time.

P.S.: As an electrician, my recognition for the device.

Ernő Stukovszki