"I got sick and as a result of the tests I got a pace-maker implant."


Dear WIWE Staff!

Thank you very much for sending me the opportunity to comment on the device as well. I am happy to do and share. I am pleased to write that I was one of the first to buy from our company (NETFONE) after the authentic presentation, after we also got the opportunity to sell. I was very happy and pleased with its use. Because in December 2014, my heart took an unexpected "turn". I got sick and as a result of the tests I got a pace-maker implant.

Using WIWE, I can always check how my "engine" works. It is reassuring that green colors appear on WIWE.Sometimes the pulse shows yellow. It feels good to show acquaintances, to measure the condition just given. They are of immense benefit in preventing serious trouble.

Naturally, my family also uses it. I go to the clinic in Budapest with another problem, where the Teacher also saw me with me, and he was very praised for being able to recommend it to everyone. It shows and evaluates AUTHENTIC, IMMEDIATE STATUS data !!

I can honestly recommend it to everyone, doctor, ambulance. for any private person ..

Fits in a small space, is practical and can save lives !!!!


Szilvia Klemensics