"I immediately felt a tremendous desire for me to have one."


I heard about it from Duna TV's "Everyone's Academy". I immediately felt a tremendous desire to have one too. I’ve been struggling with heart problems since I was a kid, keys don’t lock perfectly. My blood pressure was maintained with medication. I go for regular checkups so I measure every two weeks and my doctor can check back. It reassures you. It gives a sense of security. Everywhere I take it with me. I was in Australia twice but lurked there in my suitcase. My medical relatives, medical girlfriends appreciated and procured for themselves. I was very proud to have been able to show them this wonderful novelty. I recommend to everyone that their handbag is an indispensable accessory. Because you can check anywhere at any time and step in time if you show a discrepancy. It is only one business card in size and can save lives. I also keep my family in check regularly wiwe help with this. Congratulations to the Hungarian developers!


The story of a Dear User.