"I really want Wiwe to take care of my Mom for a long time !"

Our story ....

My mom had a stroke 1.5 years ago. She escaped without permanent damage. Subsequent cardiological examination revealed nothing, but I read after .... stroke is often caused by a blood clot formed during atrial fibrillation. That's why we bought a wiwe device. Since then, I check her ECG every day. It usually shows a normal result. A few months ago, however, without any signs or symptoms, she suddenly measured very poor results. We called the emergency room. By the time they came out, it was over, but another cardiological examination had begun. They haven’t found anything special now either, but have been taking the final diluent ever since (to prevent possible blood clots).

One weekend in June, Wiwe again reported terrible results, but now it hasn’t settled in half an hour. This time, she is on duty, and then the emergency department of the South Pest Hospital. We spent the night there. She received infusion and medication. Then she was sent home. Again, a series of cardiological examinations followed, as a result of which she received medication for arrhythmias in addition to the blood thinner.

I find this little device very good. We have avoided strokes with it at least 2 times in the last year. If we had not  have wiwe, we would not have noticed atrial fibrillation as there were no symptoms (pain, shortness of breath, etc.). Today, I think for sure that the stroke of 1.5 years ago was also caused by such insidious atrial fibrillation, which could have recurred without wiwe.

I really want Wiwe to take care of my Mom for a long time !!!!!!!

Ildikó Stiller