"I still bless my fortune saying - good God left - of course without medical help I probably wouldn’t be anymore - I had a nice walk for a day or two with my back wall infarction."

My WIWE diagnostic device…

Where, if not at the Balatonfüred Heart Hospital, I spent my 5th rehab and browsing the various smarts, this device came up which I think may have been very early in the field of distribution - it is the early spring of 2019. It couldn't take about I ordered it 3 minutes after reading the topic without asking anyone at all. I have these acquaintances who have bought or used it.

I still bless my fortune saying - good God left - of course without medical help I probably wouldn’t be anymore July 11, 2011 - I had a nice walk for a day or two with my back wall infarction. I felt a little weird that day, but I didn't feel much special outside of the fatigue and it was very hot during football. I admitted that there was no air because no one else had it. I felt similar and since there was never anything I went to the doctor anytime so as it turned out ....I didn't take it seriously…

Then the next day, a series of good luck, I grabbed 200 square meters of potatoe after I swam down 1 km and also painted a large fence.

I only went to the doctor on Monday because I ran out of Aspirin - and I just asked the deputy doctor by the way (he wouldn’t do an ECG) - well, he said. Then the recipe was pressed into my hand and I was already holding the handle when it said I'd sit down for a while. They looked at me for a long time and then I got a handful of medicine and they said I wouldn’t get up from here.
Well from then on I was really lucky - in fact 48 hours later a piece of my heart died and your duty doctor said loosely - I swallowed my back wall infarction well and it was even a little funny that, I could even go home now - because I'm very good at it, i just came now and i'm already over it hard.

Ohh bang... there was no place in cardiology so I somehow got into the intensive care unit and it was real blessing because they knew me well. In fact, it was there that I realized how much trouble and after two tachycardies I was taken from Békéscsaba to Szeged because here was only a chance where I could move on - out of the ambulance - go inside here and outside to somewhere -   I could not follow him from the ambulance, because I was obviously full of everything good medicine.

From then on, I remember I was introduced to the doctor of catheterization, Péter Hauzinger, and we start - he said a little incomprehensibly - You are not fat, not diabetic, not high blood pressure, playing sports, not smoking, good sometimes sure nervous… did not find it - and then once he found it and I became richer with a stent. Later, another stent was placed in a very problematic location at the “y” junction, there was a perilous plaque. But this was already done in Gyula, because by then it was done here as well. carry out interventions.

So I could list the names of whom I am grateful for, but I can also thank a lot for being known and very helpful.

Although I am now 60 years old, but every day is my birthday and I am not always well, but I am still - obviously now in a particularly vulnerable situation in the covid situation.

After all, occasionally, but I use the device - luckily sometimes it’s red and sometimes yellow, but green is the predominant color for now. However, I find it a little difficult to accept that opinions are divided among professionals about the usefulness of this. Maybe even I get scared when I see red or yellow. How seriously should this be taken? This is a bit of a dilemma because, according to my doctor - it shows value, but it can't replace a lot of lead measurements, etc.

This is, after all, understandable and acceptable. Regardless, I find it useful and prefer to use it only when I’m not feeling well.
I’m sure I’ll try to follow all the medical instructions to keep the condition, but I also need to be aware of that - time is ticking differently.
I don’t know if maybe newer devices know more about this or so say more reliable, but I see that the results they measure and test on the part of the doctors are authoritative.

For me as a private person, it can be a point of reference, from which I can either calm down or get a little nervous about what the end is here…

Well, I think it's always with me and I hope I'll use it for a long time


János Knyihár