"I think of it as a guardian angel"

My connection to the Wiwe device started with really question marks. After all, what can a small device know? When I first tried it I was just amazed, but immediately after the measurement I knew yes I need it.

Unfortunately, coronary artery disease is hereditary in our family, which has caught up with me. Three years ago, at the Városmajor Heart Clinic, I underwent a stent implantation, which gave me a chance to continue my everyday life. At the clinic, I had the opportunity to learn more about this excellent development, which provides great security for me to this day and, of course, for my family as well, as the whole family is under control.

It is reliable and the awareness that anytime, anywhere I can use it, as its use is discreet, reassuring to me. I can share the stored data with the cardiologist so that the existing situation can even be remedied.

I think for many of us, the developers have given us the security we can live with everyday so that even a violent heartbeat can be controlled.

I think with gratitude and bless to those who have realized that I can actually own a home diagnostic device, and today it is so much a part of my life / I think of it as a Guardian Angel / that even if I don’t have anything else, my Wiwe is always with me.


Thank you, best regards, Zsuzsanna Fehér