“I’ve been using a WIWE device for a year and a half, which has improved a lot in my endurance. Now I know if my heart is

 I am applying because I have been using a wiwe device for a year and a half, which has greatly improved my endurance. Now I know if my heart is "calimping" then what happens because the wiwe show it. By prior arrangement, I will also email this to the cardiologist, who will evaluate and, if necessary, modify my medications by email. It is well known that a cardiologist is given a date twice a year where an ECG measurement is followed by a specialist and ultrasound examination. BUT why would my heart "calimp" then? Therefore, I present the salient events on wiwe, or the doctor can choose from the data, which also shows the date and hour minutes.  The device measures ECG traces, saturation, oxygen levels, ventricular heterogeneity, all in 60 seconds, but also has an adjustable pedometer. And why is it good? In the hospital, the general practitioner performed coronary artery staining because vasoconstriction was suspected. Fortunately, this has not been proven. At the time of my admission to the hospital, after informing the doctor about the use of wiwe, he asked me to show it, so on the outpatient sheet it was also mentioned that I saw VESs on a wiwe device under complaint, but there was also pf '. our measurements also provide additional information to the treating physician.  The small but knowledgeable device is 6x9 cm. You can also add a leather case, which I unfortunately left after a day of use.  Sincerely, Ms. Bauer Mklós