"I was surprised to find that one of my measured values ​​fell into the range indicating the problem almost every time."

 I bought a wiwe in March of this year, the device arrived quickly in a sophisticated, compact box.  There are cardiovascular disorders in our family, I decided to buy primarily because of their monitoring, and secondly because of my interest, I was studying medical devices; I am interested in how simple / reliable measurements can be made under non-laboratory conditions with a commercially available device.    For the first few weeks we used two, "A" and "B", I measured every day, even several times, I was wondering how much variance the results show in relation to each other during repeated measurements. Under the same conditions, with minimal time variation, it gives practically the same results, I am satisfied with it.


 One of my most important experiences is that the device is sensitive to movement. I wasn’t surprised by this, however, I consider the measurement to be “authentic” when I sit down at a table in calm conditions and am virtually motionless for the duration of the measurement. I tried to take measurements on the street, sitting on a bench, but the signal-to-noise ratio was too bad. So we prefer to measure at home / in calm conditions.    In the case of A, the measurements could be performed without any problems, but in the case of "B" we experienced difficulties: approx. The measurement failed 7-8 times out of 10 times. Watching the "live" ECG signal, the signal-to-noise ratio is too bad, possibly due to the dryness of "B" skin. We tried several things, hand cream, soaking in water, we didn't find a solution yet.  A warning has been received for "B", which he intends to investigate with a specialist.


 After a few weeks of use, we passed on in our family to C, who has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. He takes measurements every day and can see clearly on the measured results if something is wrong. There are days when you feel less well, at which point the measurement results also "show red".    The applications are well structured, understandable, and the measurement can be easily performed by anyone. (Well, except for small children, because they are fussing and moving.) Measurement results can be sent automatically by email, however, we do not use this feature for data security reasons.  Most people do not encrypt their emails (gpg or s / mime), so they practically function as an "open mail postcard". I am concerned about this and medical, sensitive information should not be sent this way.  As a result, the following shortcoming has also been identified in connection with the android application: there is no possibility to save, export and otherwise share the reports with the doctor, only sending an email is possible.  On an iPhone, for example, we avoided this: reports can be uploaded directly from the app to end-to-end encrypted storage, which can then be shared securely with others.  Unfortunately, it didn't work on android for half a year, we haven't tried it since.


 The device also has a pedometer, we do not use this as our phone is almost "always" in our pocket while the wiwe device is not. At first, this feature was on, but it drained the battery pretty quickly, so I preferred to turn it off. Maybe it could be a built-in feature that only takes into account the phone’s pedometer data. "B" put it this way:  "My experience with wive I’ve heard of the wive before and thought about how good an option it is for heart patients to be able to monitor themselves at home.   It never occurred to me that I needed it since I was young. Not so long ago, I had the opportunity to use a wive device for a couple of weeks. I was surprised to find that one of my measured values ​​fell into the range indicating the problem almost every time. In the meantime, it turned out that a younger cousin also found a discrepancy in her heart, and on better consideration, my ancestors also had heart problems in several branches. I decided who I was going to examine myself. I'm grateful to know the wive, because if I hadn't faced the deviation values, I probably wouldn't have dealt with my heart for another 10 to 20 years, so I might be able to prevent a bigger problem. "
 Overall, we are satisfied, we are very happy to be able to use a product developed in Hungary to monitor our health.  Consider the "criticisms" that have been made so that if they are resolved, this product will be even better!  We have been happy to recommend it so far and will continue to do so!  If we could afford it, we would give all our relatives wiwe as a gift!    We wish you many more successes and look forward to their future developments!    A Dear User