"If I hadn't been able to prove the continuous low heart rate with WIWE measurements, it would have been a torture by the time I got into cardiology."

 Dear WIWE team!    I bought my WIWE two years ago. I have had atrial fibrillation arrhythmia problems for 8 years, I am past two ablations.  The second didn’t bring a perfect solution either, and since I traveled quite a bit to the countryside for my work and was pretty uneasy at the knowledge that another arrhythmia might come up at any time, I tried to look on the internet for a simple ECG measurement anywhere. Doctors have always said that if I feel there is a problem, I should do an ECG.  Anyone who has had a similar problem knows where an arrhythmia lasts for a shorter or longer period of time, and usually not when the ECG is applied to a person. So I decided to buy a WIWE device. It is very reassuring if I feel there is a problem I can record with the device. Based on the WIWE findings, my medication has already been modified twice. Last Easter was a huge help in my treatment. Due to an ear problem, I received an infusion treatment in the hospital that I really could not have received because of my heart. On the third day, right on Easter night, my heart rate dropped to around 40. There was no doctor in the ward, nor was the nurse at the height of the situation. I won’t go into detail, the fact is that it took me 2 days to be called by a cardiologist. Only with my WIWE measurements I was able to document the continuous heart rate problem. To be quite accurate, the ear department could not downplay the whole thing. It was also difficult to get a cardiologist to call. Eventually, 2 weeks of cardiology became the sequel. If I hadn’t been able to verify the continuous low heart rate with WIWE measurements, it would have been a torture by the time I got into cardiology.
 There, however, during recovery, I had ample opportunity to test the device. He passed the exam perfectly. Based on the measurements, we were able to discuss with my doctor which findings are the ones for which I should take enough extra medication and which ones, if they do occur, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital or call an ambulance. I'm getting ready for cardiological control these days. I take the measurements of the recent period. For anyone with a heart problem, I can only recommend using WIWE.    Welcome to their team!    I wish them a lot of success and God’s blessing for their further work.    Yours sincerely, József Csongár.