"In 2018, after a process of chest pressure and panic that was thought to be of heart origin, I ended up in the hospital, and it happened four times in two years."

 Dear WIWE!    I am very grateful to have found this device.  I came to England in 2006 due to unhealthy eating and due to lack of sports they started to run up to me the pounds at first only very little by little.  For the past nearly 15 years, I have lived in six different countries, almost everywhere a little differently, adapting to local conditions.  That means I had a different rhythm of life and followed a different kind of meal.  In 2017, I got to the point that I was characterized by general fatigue, exhaustion, depression, and instead of my athletic physique, I was wearing an extra 15 kg, I felt that I definitely needed to change to feel good again.  In 2018, after a process accompanied by chest pressure and panic that was thought to be of cardiac origin, I ended up in the hospital, which happened four times in two years.  On no occasion did doctors find any detectable cause in addition to the present technical knowledge.  After one such investigation, I saw an ad from Wiwe and after a few months of hesitation, I decided to buy it and not regret it!  This is because when I measure an abnormality, I can save it to my doctor, or if there is a big problem, the device also signals it immediately based on color codes.  The first doctor I showed him (he was an older doctor) called it great nonsense and told me to take the device back.  Luckily, not long after, I found a willing doctor who knew what WIWE was and even looked at my results for the first time possible. None of the colors displayed (yellow and red) were classified as severe by my doctor.  The conclusion for me is twofold. On the one hand, I have to get rid of an excess of 15-20 kg, which can be used to eliminate the perceived phenomena.  On the other hand, it is very reassuring to feel that WIWE measurements can also be used as a reference point to find out if the direction I am following is correct.  The doctor remarked softly. I am 38 years old, I came just in time to keep my heart healthy with a lifestyle change.  I am grateful to the developers of WIWE because this device helps me in this! On the other hand, as a Northern Hungarian, he is proud that this device was manufactured and developed in Eger.    Best regards,  Peter