"In October 2020, my life so far collapsed in a minute."

 LIFE IS BEAUTIFULLY WIWE, BUT SAFE AT LEAST! I'm Zoltán, 50 years old. My story is:   In October 2020, my life so far collapsed in a minute. COVID found and found a home in me. Before the end of the quarantine period, a cerebral infarction and left-handed paralysis occurred almost like lightning. I also developed a bilateral pulmonary embolism and thrombosis in both legs during hospital treatment. After many months of returning home from being in the hospital, I felt I had lost the security that the medical presence provided during my stay inside. After I got home, I received a WIWE device from my mother, which she had bought and used long before. It was also of great help to him in the absence of medical care stopped due to the pandemic. Despite all this, I was a little skeptical about the device and its advice, and I found it quite difficult to make the first measurement. My results, however, were convincing. Unfortunately, past events have left a serious mark on my health. An arrhythmia or suspicion of fibrillation was indicated. Today, inspections are a priority for my family. We take 1-2 measurements per week. Acceptable results give a sense of security, but I trust it will also help with my medical check-up. This small, easy-to-use device that fits in your pocket can be a safety tool for many people, but it can also draw attention to the need for a more serious investigation. Everyone in our family has this wonderful device there. It is a reassurance for healthy family members, and for us who live with various diseases it is perhaps a small source of safety. By sharing my own story, I hope I can help someone make their decision. I want as many people as possible to be in their homes and always report security to their owner. I wish you further success.  Thanks to: Zoltán