"It has been a huge help to both us and our doctor in constantly and accurately following our illness and discovering the causes and then in curing it."

 A few years ago, we bought a WIWE device at our age and in order to know and preserve our health accurately. We constantly checked our health without burdening our GP and sent it online using his practice, and based on this, the doctor was able to provide meaningful assistance. It was a huge help to both us and our doctor in the continuous and accurate follow-up of our disease and in the exploration of the causes and then in the healing. This was confirmed by the COVID epidemic, when due to the practicality of the device, the whole family was tested continuously for the three generations due to the capabilities of the device. By this I mean my 6-year-old granddaughter (who also enjoys the measurement and asks for it separately), my daughter and my heart and blood control of my son-in-law, which, thanks to the practicality of the device, also helped can be stored on your own machine to control independently. The unparalleled small portable structure with other practicalities and services enriches the positive features of the device with correct service support, telephone e-mail customer service, not forgetting the possibility of accessing further developments! THANK YOU !!!!     I'm sorry to end now because my grandson came "Can we measure Tati ???? :) ”     Many thanks to József Szabó