"It's not a story, it's a feeling of life!"


It's not a story, it's a feeling of life!

I bought WIWE primarily for my elderly parents (78 and 76 years old) because they were burdened with many diseases. I thought it was good to know what was going on.

Every week there is a "measurement day" on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, which is already highly anticipated. I think not only are they waiting for these measurements, but it’s also very reassuring for everyone. Especially for them, but for me too. After the measurements, I "announce" the result, who has how many green and yellow disks. Praise does not lag behind green values ​​either!

A stressful life also brings some yellow in our lives because not only my parents, my husband and I measure values.

Thank you for this development, they can't believe how calm it is for us. (It even accompanies us on vacation because one of our friends is after a heart attack, so he doesn't mind the control)

Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you, best regards:

Tamara Végh