"Many times a person’s peace of mind is more important than the disease itself or the problem. "

My relationship with WIWE began in the spring of 2020. I noticed to myself that occasionally my heart was beating big and sometimes it got scary for me. It bothered me more and more and I didn’t know what to think. And since I’m pretty much a hypochondriac type, I felt more and more uncomfortable. In the period of the Covid virus - when one is still overeating our troubles - it is even more confusing.
I persuaded myself to visit my GP with a problem. He did an ECG and then reassured him that he thought there was nothing wrong, don’t deal with it… Well that didn’t work out. I didn't calm down. Then, as I searched the internet for possible causes, I suddenly found a WIWE ad on Facebook. Looking for the features of the device, the circumstances, I came across the recommendation of one of my familiar colleagues. I asked him what he thought of the device and he said good things. He was convinced that what was my concern could be easily informed with the help of the device.

The loud heartbeat didn’t go away, but my retirement was approaching. My mother, who is in good health beyond the age of 85, except for high blood pressure, has figured out half the price of the device at the time of my retirement. (He was really looking forward to retiring together…)

That's right, the device arrived in August. Although I am a technical illiterate, I managed to get started. Honestly, it gave me a sense of security, where it further increased my anxiety. When the sign was full of green, reassured, when the sign was sometimes yellow, rarely red, it warned me not to settle for the downpouring sentences of the GP. Sometimes I was also preoccupied with thoughts that I really want to know exactly what my “values” stand for? If I don’t know, I’m not worried, ”the inner voice said sometimes.

Then at the end of August I had enough, we have to go to the end of this thing. I would have asked for a referral to cardiology. I received a referral, no date. Not even the phone worked. Then I tried to log in by email, the doctor canceled the examination at the last minute. I was looking for a private clinic. It was posted on their website that the order was suspended. Eventually I managed to get an appointment at a new clinic and I got to the cardiologist.

I took all my previous finds, and of course WIWE and its previous measurements. I had a very careful examination, down with the hat. (I would almost write that it was worth the wait for such a precise examination…) “Only” a small amount of myocardial thickening was shown, but the story didn’t end here.

I thought I’d take out my little “widget” to see if the doctor can better diagnose my problem with the data. The doctor was completely surprised that I had such a device and how carefully I take care of my health and I was completely praised. It was good. We waited another half hour or so for those to come after me because the doctor explained from root to mountain what the machine knew. Turns out I didn’t even know half of it, I didn’t even use many of its features. He explained everything about it. It reassured me what to look for next, what values ​​to worry about, but luckily I’m far from that - according to WIWE. He was also glad that the history of the problem was included in the data, as the device showed me what my data was like back two months.

I think that was the moment I calmed down. Because it was not a case-by-case measurement, but a process available to the doctor to make the diagnosis. And also because I learned even more about what this device can be used for. Many times a person’s peace of mind is more important than the disease itself or the problem. I’ve been excited for months and finally I know what’s wrong now, thankfully it’s not big, and with the help of the device, I’ll also know if the problem might get bigger. I hope it doesn't happen.