Many told me that I was lucky to have this accidental discovery happening in my life, but I don’t believe in accidents

It was at the annual congress organized by the Alliance of Hungarian Hospitals that I first encountered WIWE.  Since I also trade with medical equipment, it caught my eyes as a very interesting solution from the engineering point of view but I was also curious what results would I get by recording my ECG. A friend showed me how to use it and I was happy to see that the „ECG” and „AR” (arrhythmia) patches were green on my results page, however, I was given a big red warning in the ventricular heterogeneity department. I took a few follow-up recordings and the red warning kept appearing on each.

I went to see my GP but he dismissed the idea that there was something wrong, saying, medical professionals don’t usually play attention to such mobile devices. I insisted and he referred me to a cardiologist. However, since he didn’t have any available appointments for months, I decided to see a doctor at the Internal Medicine department of Szolnok Hospital where they begin my check-up immediately. 

US examination of the neck veins showed perfect results for my age (I’m 45) and the doc told me there was nothing to worry about. ECG and heart US brought the same results, everything was perfectly normal. Then the cardiologists jokingly asked me if I wouldn’t mind trashing my dress with a stress ECG. I said that was OK and so we did a stress ECG examination. I was sure I would get the same results as with the US. The doc asked me if I was feeling anything strange during the test, such as chest pain, but I wasn’t. I had never had any symptoms before either and I play badminton twice a week. 

Anyhow, my stress ECG results were so bad that I was taken to the operating room immediately to have a coronarography done. It turned out that I have a very serious case of large artery disease so a catheter based operation wouldn’t be possible. Following a short discussion a bypass surgery was performed on my heart about 6 weeks ago in Honvéd Hospital. One of my friends, who is also a WIWE user, visited me during my rehabilitation and when I took a recording, ventricular heterogeneity only showed some slight deviation.  

Many told me that I was lucky to have this accidental discovery happening in my life, but I don’t believe in accidents.

Thank you, WIWE, on behalf of my wife and four kids for this „accidentally” developed device that has saved my life.

Miklós Lászlóffy