"Me and WIWE - a story of a close friendship"

Me and WIWE - a story of a close friendship


Dear WIWE Team!


It gives me great pleasure to share my personal story with you about my WIWE device.

I am a person at particular risk for heart problems according to the current state of medicine, due to the following ‘parameters’:

I am a 39 (40 month old) male
I work in a very stressful multinational environment. I work as a leader. My family has had cardiological problems for generations (paternal branch).
Due to the stressful lifestyle mentioned above, visiting my GP on March 28, 2019, complaining of strong chest pressure, I was immediately called after a seizure rescue after a very poor ECG measurement.

So unfortunately, on my father's birthday, I was able to greet him on the phone while lying in the siren ambulance, at the same time telling the awful news that they are on my way to the Honvéd Hospital (from Újpest) and the ambulance doctors do not promise good prospects.

At the hospital, they were also taken to the operating room a short distance from the emergency department and had a catheterization performed.

The result of this, as well as the results of several subsequent studies, clearly confirmed that it was not an organ problem, but an arrhythmia caused by stress, as well as myocarditis.

And all of this was perfectly traceable to a stressful lifestyle, one of the benefits of which was that I neglected my health, regular cardiovascular examinations, and proper physical maintenance of my body.

This incident was a huge warning to me as well as to my family, as a result of which I was determined to change my lifestyle, above all I changed jobs, started playing sports regularly, and spent significantly more time with my little girl, she is the most important thing in life.

At this point, an extremely good Friend has moved in with us, with whom I have been in daily contact ever since, and is an incredible help to me in monitoring and maintaining my health, and who provides tremendous reassurance to all my family members since he “lives” with us. This friend is none other than WIWE himself!

Thank you very much for being my friend WIWE again!

I use the device practically daily, but at least every two days, to control my heart muscle condition and heart rate, in addition to measuring my blood oxygen level and HRV, which are also important indicators in everyday life.
I regularly share the above results (via email, which is extremely easy to use) with my treating physician, who, he admits, is a great help in monitoring my status change between the two exams.


I look forward to any further development, new product that will be on the market from you. I am proud that WIWE is Hungarian!

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with the device, wonderful, as well as the team that has developed such a device.

Regards and thanks,

 Tamás Hevér