"My pulse again. I felt a little longer so I knew I was succeeding now. I took a few measurements in a row and sent it to my cardiologist."

 I'm Bálint, a 36-year-old computer scientist. My story begins a year and a half ago. My wife is pregnant with our first child. He’s just trying to get through the hottest part of the day in the cool of the apartment, I’m arranging the birds in the yard. I crouch down to wash the feeder when I straighten up again I have a weird feeling. My heart rate got very high from one moment to the next and it doesn’t slow down but rather increases. The idyll turns into a nightmare. What could it be? I'm not bad, just not good. However, as this condition does not end in a few minutes, a rescue call will not end. The situation will not improve until they arrive.
 Eventually, my heart rate was restored with medication. It involved stopping my heart for a moment. This, of course, was only said afterwards for understandable reasons. Slow orbital ablation ended at the State Heart Hospital in Balatonfüred. During the rehabilitation I got acquainted with wiwe, I knew that if I had to return the mobile ECG it would not be because I would check if everything was okay. My wife was very worried because she didn’t want to be nervous during her pregnancy. The surgery was judged successful, all right, I don’t have to take medication. It sounded too good, I'd rather check it out myself, so I bought WIWE. I read a lot about it, I had time for it while I was recovering. I didn’t have too high expectations but I was positively disappointed. It is easy to use and provides a wealth of information. In the beginning I measured several times a day, usually in the morning and evening, and then it became more and more 2-3 per week. Months passed, I became a father, all wonderful, then a brief malaise and SBO. By the time we got to the ambulance, I was fine. They didn’t get much attention to the measured results, the heart rate rise was short so I could measure properly, I was a little disappointed. They could not help without more precise information. Then one morning I woke up to that weird feeling again. The pulse again. The malaise lasted a little longer so I knew I was succeeding now. I took a few measurements in a row and sent it to my cardiologist. Thanks to this and another study, he found a drug solution to the problem. Slowly four months ago, everything was fine again while taking medication.


 I continue to use WIWE regularly, monitoring my condition persistently. Since we have had a kind of tradition of measuring acquaintances and relatives coming to visit. First questions: How are you? Are we doing an ECG? So far, thank God he hasn't found a disorder in anyone else, let it stay that way. I feel more secure since I bought it, I don’t take a step without it. So we became loyal companions between me and WIWE. I have my own pocket of Sancho Panza :)