"My story is probably not the most common."

 My story is probably not the most common.    I am an overweight person who has already tried quite a few diets with more or less (but unfortunately by no means lasting) success. Maybe that's why, but approx. four or five years ago in the summer I became aware that my heart was in pain. Because this feeling overwhelmed me not just in one case, but in a repetitive way, I went down to the medical office in my place of residence one night where I was examined and because the pains had been going on for a week then, I was sent to St. Imre Hospital SBO for investigation. Here, based on my results, they also did an isotope CT scan that did not see any abnormalities in either the heart or the lungs. Once these tests were done, I was probably reassured (I didn’t stress myself that I was sick  I am) and over time the pains are completely gone.
 The following summer, this whole process resumed, with the result that wherever I went for occupational health examinations, I examined myself and my heart-circulatory system at the Medicover health care provider. I had cervical, cardiac ultrasound, 24 hour blood pressure and ECG monitoring, exercise ECG, lab and everything I needed. At the end of the series of tests, the doctor who led the tests sent me to calm down, my heart and circulatory system were perfectly healthy which, considering how long I was overweight was a complete miracle (obviously this is also due to my 17 years of active sports history).    I then heard the radio report mentioned above with Professor Merkely and decided I needed WIWE because when I repeatedly felt there was a problem, I needed a tool that either warns me that something was really wrong or reassured me not to stress myself all the time. and I might cause real trouble with that.    That’s why I bought it and have been using it ever since, usually on a daily basis and since then I haven’t even gone to such investigations unnecessarily. Anyway, I also have a blood pressure monitor at home that I use if I remember. Usually my blood pressure is between 124-126 / 83-85, which doctors say are absolutely good values. (I'm not usually happy with that, because until three years ago I was overweight here or there, the textbook was 120/80. But I accept that over time this may change ...)    The point is, I have WIWE instead of sedatives, or to have a reliable device (I also have a smartwatch for years, but unfortunately they are not medically validated devices) which, if there is a problem, warns and helps prevent even more trouble, or if there is no trouble, I just feel reassured and calmed down.    Best regards,    Nándor Németh