"Officially WIWE, but since my wife immediately appointed "it" family health officer, she also gave her a name, its became the family's Lujzi sister."

   Home friend in the pocket  Home friend also fits in your pocket. But a boyfriend can even be a girlfriend because he has no gender. But based on her qualities, we can say she is more of a female gender, because if I think about it more, I could also call her a pocket sister. What is it about? In the gift-dumping dumping of the COVID-free Christmas holidays, my wife gave me a small box with a small device that could fit in my palm, which, after some study, could be used to assess the heart function of the family members and the oxygen supply to the blood. Officially WIWE, but since my wife immediately appointed her family health officer, she also gave her a name, she became the family’s sister to Lujzi. At first I looked at the device with doubt, why this, I go to the cardiologists for enough control, even this Lujzi was missing only for me. I, as an experienced male man, gave up after some growls, the fish also gets tired of being dragged to where it swims.  After festive measurements, came the gray weekdays. Lujzi thus repeatedly pulled himself quietly into the corner.  March came, some Hungarian families were forced to accommodate an uninvited guest, COVID-19.  That's when my problems came. Separated from physicians, the desired controls were missed. I had no access but the possibilities offered by IT in our modern world like mobile, email, SMS and I could go on.  That's when I welcomed Lujzi as a friend. He turns the recording he made into a form that can be sent by e-mail using the software loaded into his smart box. Well, I’m not a big friend of Facebook, so obviously I didn’t want to spread the results around the world, but I can reach my doctors in a targeted way, also in the separated world that greets us.  Yes, that's how Lujzi became my friend and nurse.  I deepened this friendship when I had to report for a visit to the scene of my surgery. COVID has been tangled here as well, a personal meeting is ruled out. That's when I brought up with Lujzi. The end result is for Lujzi to examine me at home for a period of time, I send this by email, my results are evaluated, and then I call and inform me about what to do next.  Those who want such a lovely lady in their home, feel free to do so, even my male peers, such a lady look does not cause family strife.