"Thank you for the peace of mind I can feel in my home."

 Me and WIWE!    Slowly a year ago, I got the WIWE device from my daughter for Christmas.  I was born with a heart problem, I need constant cardiological monitoring.  At first, I was quite skeptical about WIWE, I couldn’t imagine such a tiny tool having so much accurate and useful knowledge.  I thought I’d give him a chance and start using it on a daily basis.  Later, I found myself much calmer since I used it because I didn’t have to wait months for just one ECG. With WIWE, I was able to keep track of my daily condition.  It’s always in my bag, even when traveling.  Breakfast became a routine to use the device.  The application was shown by my daughter and for the third and fourth time I was able to use and evaluate it completely alone, at my age it is no longer easy for a person to learn.  I highly recommend WIWE to everyone because in today’s health situation, every household should have at least one device.    Thank you for the peace of mind I can feel in my home.    Yours sincerely, András Bakos