"This tiny little device is my “home doctor”

I tell my story, how I met, and later how WIWE became my everyday indispensable tool. I have had more or less heart rhythm problems for years, but of course I am a cardiologically treated patient. In the summer of 2018, however, one morning I went to work, my heart started beating back and even hours later, the normal rhythm did not return as usual. I was very scared, I was feeling unwell and after taking an extraordinary rhythmic medicine in vain I didn’t get any better, in fact, getting more and more exhausted, I had no choice but to go to the emergency room where my treatment started right away. A few hours later, the cardiologist on duty managed to restore my correct heart rate. The diagnosis was atrial fibrillation and flutter. The doctor recommended that it would be worthwhile to undergo electrophysiological examination and catheter ablation, which could be a solution to my arrhythmias.


This is how I got to the Cardiovascular Clinic of Városmajor in Budapest, where I first saw a wiwe device displayed in a display case. I had been told about it by a friend before, but then I started to get really interested in it. Even then, I felt like I needed a device like this! I was impressed by the size and knowledge. It’s amazingly small (like a credit card), so it can always be with me, anywhere, anytime, but your knowledge is all the more powerful. A few days later, my partner and I visited the wiwe official website and ordered the device. I can say that it was a very good decision on our part! I’ve done a lot of measurements with it since then and we’ve tried it not just on myself but on the whole family. Everyone was amazed at how such a tiny device could know so much! And how easy to handle! After 1 minute of measurement, the result flashes immediately - fortunately for me most of the time the green little hoops indicate that I can calm down, everything is fine. It means a lot to me, I don’t have to rush to the doctor all the time, I’ve felt the arrhythmias again, is everything okay? Do I have something to do? This tiny little device is my “home doctor” that not only measures but also stores the data, evaluates the results in a simple, easy-to-understand way, which I can immediately send to my own doctor by email (there was already an example of this in my case) . Wonderful little device! It is so versatile that it is almost impossible to present in a few sentences.

Summarizing what I’ve said, I’m not going anywhere without it anymore, I’m taking it everywhere with me in my little handbag, it gives me a sense of security, it reassures me that I can get constant feedback on my condition. Most of the time I measure with it at home, but I also use it a lot at work, sometimes I took measurements at a bus stop while waiting for the bus or while traveling in a car because I felt like I had been knocked out several times. Since then, I have undergone the surgery mentioned above, which has brought a significant improvement in my condition, but I have not been able to completely solve my problem, so I still need WIWE very much. I also return to Budapest for regular check-ups, where my doctor also has a very good opinion of this device. So I can’t say anything bad about it, to anyone who has a similar problem, I can only recommend it, a wonderful little device!


Erika Kolenkár