App terms of use

Terms of use

WIWE device and the WIWE mobile application

The optimal operation of the WIWE cardiac diagnostic device is possible with a mobile application. The mobile app can be downloaded from the application stores free of charge.

Downloading the application

The WIWE mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple store (AppStore) and Google play. In case of the download, the data used to identify the user is recorded, but it is not accessible to the service provider and cannot be linked with the data stored on the WIWE device.

Users have the opportunity to select auto renewable in-app purchases to access some additional features of the WIWE application.


HRV age, stress level measurement and HRV (heart rate variability) trend analysis

Auto renewable subscription



Free trial period: 30 days







Period (in months)

Fee (EUR)

Monthly HRV trend subscription

1 month


3-months HRV trend subscription

3 months


Half year HRV trend subscription

6 months


Annual HRV trend subscription

12 months