Review of WIWE, A Smartphone Powered, Handheld ECG Device Featuring a Pulse Oximeter

Handheld 1-lead ECG devices, such as WIWE, can serve as an excellent way for people to routinely monitor their ECG for potential arrhythmias at home and determine if further follow-up with a physician is indicated.


WiWe Portable ECG Reader: The Heart Health Life-Saving Tech That Fits In Your Pocket
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Holding your heart (rate) in your hands

The WIWE provides a clinical-grade ECG to check for arrhythmia or stroke as well as check for heart rate after exertion to check fitness levels.

Keep tabs on your heart: wearables that come with an ECG sensor

While there is no shortage of heart rate training chest straps, ECG monitors have not been available to amateur fitness enthusiasts until recently. Now there is a healthy range of devices which are capable of dishing up a pulse waveform similar to what you’d get from a professional electrocardiogram.