Application - Privacy Policy

Application - Privacy Policy

Management of the data necessary for the use of WIWE

using the WIWE application does not require separate registration, however, the optimal use of certain functions may require your personal data. You may provide these data at your own discretion when using WIWE. Sanatmetal Kft. does not acquire, collect or store user data in the use of WIWE (device, application).

The personal data stored on the WIWE device or in the WIWE application are available only to the user, through the mobile phone of the user.


The user data of personal nature provided in the course of using the WIWE mobile application (gender, age, weight, height, diagnosed illnesses, lifestyle customs, etc.) are stored exclusively in the mobile phone of the user, and their sole purpose is self-checking, those are not stored and not managed in any way by the developer and operator of the application. The personal data may remain stored in the device or in the mobile phone until the self-checking purpose is fulfilled.


The WIWE data stored in the mobile phone by the user are subject to the same level of data protection as the other personal data of the user and the access authorization to the data is determined solely by the user.

The information derived from the WIWE device are stored solely on the WIWE device and mobile device, these are not available to Sanatmetal Kft. or any third party, however, consequently when the application is deleted, the personal data are also deleted.

The services available in the WIWE application may differ subject to the software version f the application. The services provided by the application may change without notice according to the software versions.

In-app purchases are subject to the general privacy policies and data management of Apple and Google Play stores. The WIWE device and application do not have access to credit card information.

Data sharing

The information derived from the WIWE device may be transferred with the help of the application solely upon the intention of the authorized user and the user’s express consent. The purpose of the data sharing option is that health parameters could be shared with the physician of the user or any person the user considers worthy of sharing with.


The application does not send any data related to the user automatically. However, the user has the opportunity to send the data measured by his/her WIWE device through his/her smartphone with the help of the WIWE application to any e-mail address the user specified. The device arranges the ECG graph acquired through the measuring carried out by the WIWE device and the numerical evaluation related to the ECG, as well as the findings indicated by WIWE in a predetermined format. This document can be forwarded by one touch to the persons chosen by the user.