Warranty, guarantee


Seller guarantees that the product ordered on the website www.mywiwe.com are free from any material or production defects.


In case of lack of conformity of the company operating the webshop you may enforce claims of warranty against the business entity according to the rules of the Hungarian Civil Code.

After receiving the product buyer shall inspect the product and notify any eventual defect to the repair service. If the product purchased is in a technically objectionable condition (incomplete, broken, not working or does not work appropriately) the buyer can return the product within 14 days of the receipt thereof.

The liability assumed in guarantee of Sanatmetal Kft. does not extend to the damages occurring during delivery, or to any damages arising directly, indirectly or consequently from the use of replacement parts or accessories not approved.

In case manufacturer’s defect is verified the product will be replaced automatically. The products returned after 14 days will be forwarded to the repair service of Sanatmetal Kft.

Sanatmetal Kft – as distributor and manufacturer – undertakes 12 -month warranty from the issue date of the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE for the WIWE product distributed and manufactured by it (according to Government decree Nr. 151/2003 (IX.22.)) 

The claim for warranty shall be made in writing (via e-mail or letter) by buyer to the repair service. The product shall not be used from the first notice of the defect until the completion of the repair. Seller shall not be made liable for damages in any way occurred due to the continued use of the defective product.

The warranty shall become void in the following instances:

  • If the defect was caused by improper use: accident wilful damage, damages caused by household and other animals, not regular cleaning and cleaning with improper cleaning supplies, modification, unprofessional handling, improper storage, acts of God, overuse.

  • If the rules of the user’s manual are not observed.

  • It also causes the loss of the guarantee if the manufacturing number, guarantee label intended to identify the product are removed, overwritten, or damaged.

  • If the defect was caused improper storage, direct sunlight, extreme temperature, corrosion, dirt, sand, high humidity, water or other liquid, acts of God.

  • If the manufacturing number is not the same as the number indicated on the warranty certificate.

  • If the defects of the equipment were caused by external mechanical or chemical effects.

In order to prevent improper handling we include a user’s manual. Please observe the provisions thereof, as we do not undertake warranty for any use different from as specified in the user’s manual, the repair cost of these shall be borne by buyer even during the warranty period.

The cost of returning the product shall be borne by buyer if the product is sent back due to the reason specified above.